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Impact Resistant Nitrile Coated Glove

Nitrile Coated Impact Resistant Glove

Product Code: IPC4911

Product Code


Protection Level CE 5
Impact Protection TPR on the back of hand
Material High Tensile Strength Fiber
Comfort Superior
Abrasion Resistance Highly Resistant
Breathability Non-Slip, Dust and Lint Free, Breathable
Size Identification Colored Cuffs
Laundering Durable, Lasts Through Multiple Washes
Shell 13 Gauge Shell

Performance Data:

Abrasion Resistance (EN 388) 4
Cut Resistance (EN 388) 5
Tear Resistance (EN 388) 4
Puncture Resistance (EN 388) 3

Stay safe and protected with our IPC4911 gloves. These gloves provide advanced technology for superior cut protection with a cut resistant level of CE 5. The high tensile strength to weight ratio and superior comfort make them perfect for any job that requires safety and durability. The non-slip, dust and lint free, breathable design with TPR on the back of the hand ensures a comfortable, long-lasting fit. The colored cuffs make it easy to identify the size, and the 13 gauge shell makes them highly resistant to abrasion. These gloves are designed to last through multiple launderings, providing you with the safety and protection you need for any job.

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