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Cotton Hot Mill 32-Ounces Cotton Gloves, Burlap Lined - 12 Pairs

Cotton Hot Mill 32-Ounces Cotton Gloves, Burlap Lined, band Top (Dozen)

Product Code: 2515


With a 32-ounce fabric weight and quilted palm design, these gloves provide intermittent heat contact protection up to 300°F. The burlap lining enhances durability and comfort, while the knuckle strap adds an extra layer of protection. Designed with safety in mind, these gloves are safe for food contact and are available in a band top cuff for secure and reliable protection.



Material 3-Ply Cotton
Fabric Weight 32-ounce
Palm Construction Quilted Palm, Knuckle Strap
Lining Burlap Lined
Cuff Design Band Top Cuff
Heat Protection Intermittent up to 300°F
Food Contact Safety Yes
Size Large

Experience unparalleled protection with Cordova's 3-Ply Cotton Hot Mill Gloves, offering durability, comfort, and safety for various high-heat applications.

Sold by dozen