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Nugear Blue 15G Latex Foam Coated Grip Work Gloves

Blue Latex Coated Work Gloves (15G)

Product Code: LX292



Coating Material Black foam latex on palm and fingers
Shell Material Seamless blue polyester fiber knit shell
Coating Color Black
Shell Color Blue
EN388 Rating 2121X
Gauge 15 gauge

Product Code LX292 work gloves are designed to handle tough tasks with ease. The seamless blue polyester shell, combined with the black foam latex coated palm and fingers, provides excellent grip and durability, making them suitable for demanding work conditions.

The nylon/spandex fiber knit shell ensures a comfortable and snug fit, allowing you to work with precision and dexterity. The gloves offer reliable protection against abrasions and cuts, as indicated by the EN388 rating of 2121X. This rating suggests good abrasion resistance, moderate cut resistance, and flexibility.

The 15 gauge construction makes these gloves lightweight and flexible, providing you with a balance of protection and dexterity for various tasks.

With the perfect combination of comfort and protection, Product Code LX292 work gloves are a reliable choice for your next project. Whether you need them for construction, maintenance, industrial work, or other tough tasks, these gloves are designed to deliver performance and comfort.

Order your pair of Product Code LX292 work gloves today and experience the ease of handling tough tasks with confidence and efficiency.