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Supported Ruffian Latex Coated Canvas Gloves - 12 Pairs

Supported Ruffian Latex Coated Canvas Gloves - 12 Pairs

Product Number: 5600

Designed for exceptional grip and durability, these gloves feature premium latex with a crinkle finish, ensuring reliable performance in both wet and dry conditions. The Ruffian™ latex-dipped glove offers liquid resistance and puncture protection, making it a reliable choice for various applications.

The crinkle finish not only enhances grip but also adds toughness to the glove, making it suitable for demanding tasks. Crafted with a durable canvas shell, these gloves provide a comfortable and protective barrier against workplace hazards. The rubberized safety cuff adds an extra layer of protection and promotes increased ventilation for extended wear.

Trust in the Ruffian™ Latex-Dipped Gloves to deliver superior hand protection in diverse work environments. Explore the Cordova Safety Products glove selection to find the right fit for your specific needs.



Glove Type Ruffian™ Latex Dipped
Coating Style Crinkle Finish
Coating Material Premium Latex
Shell Material Canvas
Cuff Style Rubberized Safety Cuff