Cut Resistant Gloves: Balancing Comfort and Protection

Cut Resistant Gloves: Balancing Comfort and Protection

Cut resistant gloves are an essential part of personal protective equipment (PPE) for many industries. They provide critical protection against cuts and lacerations, which are common workplace injuries.

When Are Cut Resistant Gloves Required?

Cut resistant gloves are required in various work environments where there is a risk of cuts, lacerations, or punctures. Some common scenarios include:

  • Manufacturing and Assembly: Workers handling sharp tools, machinery, or materials like metal sheets and glass.
  • Construction: Tasks involving cutting tools, nails, and other sharp objects.
  • Food Processing: Cutting and slicing operations in kitchens and food processing plants.
  • Automotive Industry: Working with sharp auto parts, tools, and machinery.
  • Recycling and Waste Management: Handling sharp objects and materials during sorting and processing.
  • Medical and Laboratory Settings: Handling sharp instruments and tools, such as scalpels and broken glass.

In any industry where workers are exposed to sharp objects, the use of cut resistant gloves is crucial to prevent injuries and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

How Are Cut Resistant Gloves Rated?

Cut resistant gloves are rated based on their ability to withstand cuts and abrasions. The most widely recognized standards for rating cut resistance are the ANSI/ISEA (American National Standards Institute/International Safety Equipment Association) and the EN (European Norm) standards.

ANSI/ISEA Cut Resistance Levels

The ANSI/ISEA 105 standard rates gloves on a scale of A1 to A9, with A1 being the lowest level of cut resistance and A9 the highest. The rating is determined by the amount of weight (in grams) needed to cut through the glove material with a standardized blade.

A1 (200-499 grams) Minimal cut hazards
A2 (500-999 grams) Low cut hazards
A3 (1,000-1,499 grams) Medium cut hazards
A4 (1,500-2,199 grams) High cut hazards
A5 (2,200-2,999 grams) Severe cut hazards
A6 (3,000-3,999 grams) Very severe cut hazards
A7 (4,000-4,999 grams) Extreme cut hazards
A8 (5,000-5,999 grams) Ultra-extreme cut hazards
A9 (6,000+ grams) Maximum cut hazards


EN 388 Cut Resistance Levels

The EN 388 standard uses a numerical and letter-based system to rate gloves. The cut resistance is rated from level 1 to level 5, with level 5 providing the highest level of protection. Additionally, the EN 388 standard includes ratings for abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and puncture resistance.

  • Level 1: Low cut resistance
  • Level 2: Moderate cut resistance
  • Level 3: High cut resistance
  • Level 4: Very high cut resistance
  • Level 5: Maximum cut resistance

What Are Cut Resistant Gloves Used For?

Cut resistant gloves are used in a variety of applications where there is a risk of cuts and lacerations. Some common uses include:

  • Handling Sharp Tools and Blades: Providing protection for workers using knives, box cutters, and other cutting tools.
  • Working with Glass and Metal: Protecting hands from sharp edges and shards in glass manufacturing, metalworking, and construction.
  • Food Preparation: Ensuring safety during cutting and slicing tasks in kitchens and food processing facilities.
  • Automotive Repairs: Shielding hands from sharp auto parts and tools.
  • Recycling and Waste Handling: Safeguarding workers from sharp objects and materials during sorting and processing operations.

Choosing the Right Cut Resistant Gloves

When selecting cut resistant gloves, consider the specific hazards present in your work environment and the required level of protection. Here are some tips for choosing the right gloves:

  • Assess the Hazards: Identify the sharp objects and materials you will be handling.
  • Determine the Required Cut Resistance Level: Choose gloves with an appropriate ANSI or EN 388 cut resistance rating based on the level of hazard.

Where to Buy Cut Resistant Gloves

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