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Work Hard Hats

Types of Hard Hats and Safety Helmets

Full Brim vs Cap Style Hard Hats

  • Full Brim Hard Hats: These hats feature a brim that goes around the entire hat, offering enhanced protection against sun, rain, and falling debris. Ideal for outdoor workers, they also provide additional shade and water runoff.
  • Cap Style Hard Hats: With a brim only in the front, cap style hard hats resemble a baseball cap and are favored for their lighter weight and better visibility. They are suitable for indoor and areas where the sun and elements are less of a concern.

Carbon Fiber Hard Hats

  • Premium Protection: Carbon fiber hard hats offer a superior strength-to-weight ratio, providing robust protection with a lighter feel. They are highly durable and suitable for environments where top-level head protection is required.
  • Modern Aesthetic: Besides safety, these hard hats come in sleek, modern designs, making them a popular choice among professionals who value both safety and style.

Vented vs Non-Vented Options

  • Vented Hard Hats: Equipped with ventilation holes that allow air circulation, these hard hats are perfect for working in hot conditions as they help keep the head cool.
  • Non-Vented Hard Hats: These provide better protection in environments where electrical hazards or liquid exposure is a concern, as they fully cover the head.

ANSI Requirements for Hard Hats

Hard hats in the United States must meet specific standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These standards ensure that hard hats provide adequate protection against impact, penetration, and electrical shock. The key ANSI classifications are:

  • Type I: Hard hats designed to reduce the force of impact resulting from a blow only to the top of the head.
  • Type II: Hard hats designed to provide protection against lateral blows and impacts.
  • Class G (General): Hard hats rated for 2,200 volts.
  • Class E (Electrical): Hard hats rated for 20,000 volts.
  • Class C (Conductive): Hard hats that offer no electrical protection.