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ANSI A4 Cut Resistant Sleeve w Velcro (Single Pk)

ANSI Cut Level 4 Sleeve w/ Velcro

These gloves are designed with an 18-inch length and a comfortable thumb slot for easy and secure wearing. They are machine washable, making them easy to clean and maintain. The gloves are made from specially engineered yarn that ensures both comfort and a cool feel during use. Additionally, they offer ANSI Level A4 cut resistance, providing high protection against cuts and abrasions. These features make these gloves an excellent choice for various tasks and industries that require superior hand protection.

Sold by the Pair



    Length 18 inches
    Thumb Slot Comfortable thumb slot for easy wear
    Washability Machine washable for convenient maintenance
    Yarn Material Specially engineered yarn for comfort and cool feel
    Cut Resistance Level ANSI Level A4 for high cut resistance