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ANSI A5 Goatskin Cut Resistant Gloves

A5 Cut Resistant Leather Rigger Gloves

Product Code: 2885

Leather grain goatskin and ANSI Cut 5 resistant lining for excellent protection. The wing thumb and rolled cuff offer flexibility and comfort while the shirred elastic back ensures a secure fit. These gloves are available in sizes S-2XL and are suitable for a variety of industrial applications.



    Material Premium grain goatskin
    Cut Resistance ANSI Cut 5 resistant lined
    Thumb Design Wing thumb
    Cuff Style Rolled cuff
    Fit and Security Shirred elastic back
    Sizes Available S-2XL
    Suitable Applications Variety of industrial applications

Benefits Goatskin Leather Gloves (A5 Cut):

  • Durability: Provides durability and a high-quality material for the gloves.
  • ANSI Cut 5 Resistant Lining: Offers excellent protection against cuts, ensuring safety during work.
  • Shirred Elastic Back: Ensures a secure fit and prevents the gloves from slipping off during use.