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10 Person First Aid Kit, ANSI 2015 Class A (Plastic Case)

10 Person First Aid Kit, ANSI 2015 Class A (Plastic Case)

Product Code: 90754

10 person ANSI A First Aid Kit in a plastic case contains 71 pieces to treat minor injuries. The kit contents meets both ANSI and OSHA standards and are sufficient to treat up to 10 people.  The plastic, weatherproof storage case has two latches to keep the case closed and a handle to facilitate transportation to the site of an injury. The case also includes tabs for mounting the case on a wall or other flat vertical surface. 

  • Recommended for small offices, vehicles, workshops and retail businesses
  • Compact and portable in a weatherproof, type III plastic case
  • Meets ANSI 2015 Class A standards to keep you OSHA compliant with essential first aid supplies
  • First aid supplies are efficiently packed to provide easy access during an emergency