14 inches Supported Neoprene Gloves with Smooth Finish

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14 inches Supported Neoprene Gloves with Smooth Finish


Product Code: 5814

Crafted with precision, these gloves feature a smooth neoprene finish, offering a comfortable and secure grip. The smooth texture enhances dexterity and ensures optimal control when handling various materials, including alcohols, acids, ketones, detergents, and greases.

The jersey lining further enhances comfort, allowing for extended wear without compromising performance. With a 14-inch length, these gloves provide ample coverage, offering protection to the wrists and lower arms. This length is especially beneficial in tasks where extended coverage is essential.

These neoprene gloves are engineered to meet the demands of professionals across industries, providing a robust barrier against a spectrum of chemicals and environmental factors. Whether you're working with corrosive substances or tackling tough cleaning tasks, these gloves are up to the challenge.

Equip yourself with the reliability of Black Supported Neoprene Gloves—your go-to solution for superior hand protection in demanding work settings.



Glove Type Black Supported Neoprene
Coating Style Smooth Finish
Coating Material Neoprene
Lining Jersey
Length 14-Inch