14 oz Terry Loop In Cotton Glove - 12 Pairs

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14 oz Terry Loop In Cotton Glove (Dozen)

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Crafted from natural 14-ounce cotton, these gloves are designed with loop-in construction and a knit wrist to effectively keep out dirt and debris. The loop-in design is particularly well-suited for tasks involving higher abrasion, making these gloves ideal for demanding work environments.

The natural color adds a classic touch, and the knit wrist ensures a secure fit. These gloves are versatile and find utility in cold storage and cooler work, offering both comfort and protection. Furthermore, they are safe for food contact, making them suitable for a range of applications where hygiene is a priority.


Feature Specification
Glove Type Loop-In Cotton Terry
Material 14-Ounce Cotton
Wrist Design Knit Wrist
Color Natural
Recommended Applications Higher Abrasion, Cold Storage/Cooler Work
Safe for Food Contact Yes

The Loop-In Cotton Terry Gloves from Cordova Safety Products provide a combination of durability, comfort, and versatility, making them an excellent choice for your hand protection needs.

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