4 Tier, 72x24x72, 15,200 lbs capacity, Silver Industrial Shelving

SKU: ATLAS 722472-4G3000
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4 Tier Silver Industrial Shelving (72x24x72)


Our Atlas brand 4-tier shelving silver unit blends strength and design in an industrial style. Each shelf can comfortably handle up to 3,800 lbs of weight, provided it's evenly spread out, reflecting the unit's sturdy construction. Measuring 72H x 72W x 24D, this robust rack delivers ample space for all your storage needs. Total rack capacity is 15,200 lbs

The superior stability of this unit is attributed to its welded uprights and beams, offering you a storage solution that stands firm under load. The welded feet on every upright enhance safety by enabling the unit to be securely bolted to the floor. Step up your storage game with the Atlas brand shelving unit.



Shelf Type 4-tier industrial-style shelving
Color Silver
Shelf Dimensions 72H x 72W x 24D
Shelf Weight Capacity Up to 3,800 lbs (evenly spread out)
Total Rack Capacity 15,200 lbs
Construction Welded uprights and beams for superior stability
Floor Bolt Capability Welded feet on every upright for secure bolting to the floor
Ideal Use Suitable for heavy-duty storage needs and industrial applications
Features Sturdy design, ample storage space, strong and reliable construction