8 Mil Diamond Grip Black Disposable Glove

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Black Diamond Grip Disposable Gloves (8 Mil)-

Product Code: 6560D  

Protect your hands with Firm Touch's Diamond Grip black superior 6 mil nitrile gloves, available in sizes S-2XL. These industrial-grade gloves are powder-free and have textured finger tips for enhanced grip and dexterity. The ambidextrous design ensures that each glove can be worn on either hand. With 100 gloves per dispenser, you can easily keep a supply on hand for all of your industrial or standard-grade needs.



    Model Diamond Grip
    Color Black
    Thickness 6 mils
    Grade Industrial & Standard grade
    Material Nitrile
    Powder Powder-free
    Texture Textured finger tips for enhanced grip and dexterity
    Hand Ambidextrous
    Quantity 100 gloves per dispenser
    Sizes S-2XL

Benefits of Black Disposable Diamond Grip Gloves:

  • Powder-Free: The gloves are free from powder, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and contamination.
  • Textured Finger Tips: The gloves feature textured finger tips, allowing for enhanced grip and dexterity, making them ideal for tasks that require precision.
  • Suitable for Industrial or Standard-Grade Needs: Whether you work in an industrial setting or require gloves for standard-grade applications, these gloves are suitable for a variety of needs.

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My order was small gloves, when I realized medium now I have three boxes that I can't even use, still waiting on the return label that was promised.