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A2 Cut Resistant Kevlar Sleeve (14 Inch) (Single Piece)

A2 Cut Resistant Kevlar Sleeve (14 Inch)

Product Code: 3014E

Our A2 Cut Resistant Kevlar Sleeve (14 Inch) provides superior protection in industrial environments. Crafted with 100% Kevlar yarn, this sleeve offers exceptional cut resistance at an A2 level, making it suitable for various applications. The 14-inch length, single-ply construction, and plain tube design ensure comprehensive coverage and durability. Ideal for addressing a range of industrial needs, this Kevlar sleeve is a reliable choice for safety.



Material Kevlar
Construction Single Ply
Length 14 Inches
Design Plain Tube
Cut Level (ANSI) A2
Size One Size Fits All

Equip yourself with the highest standard of cut resistance with our A2 Cut Resistant Kevlar Sleeve. Choose the right length and style to meet your specific industrial safety requirements.