A2 Cut Resistant Thumb Slot Kevlar Sleeve (18 Inch) (Single Piece)

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A2 Cut Resistant Thumb Slot Kevlar Sleeve (18 Inch)


Product Code: 3018TE

Our 100% Kevlar Cut-Resistant Sleeve is a single-ply solution designed for demanding industrial applications. Crafted entirely from Kevlar, this sleeve offers exceptional cut resistance at an A2 level, ensuring superior protection. The 18-inch length provides extensive coverage, and the inclusion of a thumb slot enhances the fit and security during use. Suitable for various industrial tasks, this Kevlar sleeve is a reliable choice for those prioritizing safety.



Material 100% Kevlar®
Construction Single-Ply
Length 18 Inches
Design Thumb Slot
Cut Level (ANSI) A2
Size One Size Fits All

Choose our 100% Kevlar Cut-Resistant Sleeve for a reliable and durable solution that ensures your safety in a variety of industrial settings.