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A3 Cut Resistant Kevlar Thumb Slot Sleeve (14 Inch) (Single Piece)

A3 Cut Resistant Kevlar Thumb Slot Sleeve (14 Inch)

Product Code: 3014T

Elevate your cut protection with our Kevlar® Sleeve featuring an ANSI Cut Level A3. Crafted with high-quality Kevlar® material, this sleeve offers reliable defense against moderate to heavy cut risks. The 14-inch length provides ample coverage, while the included thumb slot and elastic bicep enhance both comfort and secure fit. Trust this sleeve for superior cut resistance and flexibility in various industrial settings.



ANSI Cut Level A3
Material Kevlar®
Length 14 Inches
Thumb Slot Yes
Elastic Bicep Yes

Experience top-tier cut protection and comfort with our Kevlar® Sleeve, ensuring safety in demanding work environments.