Arclite Universal Headlamp

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Universal Headlamp


Product Code: LAC-21BLK



Maximum Illumination Mode 340 lumens, illuminates objects up to 80 meters away
Primary Mode Light Options Maximum, High, Medium, Low, Steady Red, Flashing Red
Secondary Sensor Mode Turn the light on/off in each mode with a simple wave of a hand
Headgear Options Soft elastic strap for head or generic hardhat mounting
Detachable Look/Loop Mount Allows for more permanent mounting
Clip Mount (for LIFT Safety) Included for use with accessory mount-ready BRIGGS, DAX, RADIX, and iDAX hard hats

Introducing the Arclite Headlamp, a powerful illumination tool with a maximum output of 340 lumens, providing exceptional brightness to illuminate objects up to 80 meters away. Its Primary mode offers six lighting options, including Maximum, High, Medium, Low, Steady Red, and Flashing Red, ensuring you have the right light for any situation.Owners of LIFT Safety accessory mount-ready hard hats will appreciate the included clip mount, offering easy compatibility with BRIGGS, DAX, RADIX, and iDAX hard hats. Whether you're working in low-light conditions or enjoying outdoor activities, the Arclite Headlamp is a reliable and adaptable lighting companion that ensures enhanced visibility and convenience in any setting. Illuminate your way with confidence and ease using the Arclite Headlamp.