18" Smooth Finish Black PVC Chemical Resistant Gloves

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18" PVC Gloves with Smooth Finish-

Product Code: 7018

Protect your hands and forearms with these durable and reliable gloves. Featuring a smooth finish and made with PVC material, they offer excellent chemical resistance. The interlock lining provides comfort and flexibility, while the 18" gauntlet provides added protection. Ideal for industrial and chemical handling applications. These are longer gloves that offer extra protection to the forearms, making them ideal for industrial and chemical handling applications.



Single Dipped Enhanced Durability: The gloves are coated with PVC through a single dipping process, ensuring increased durability and resistance to chemicals and abrasions.
Interlock Lined Comfort and Flexibility: The interlock lining provides a comfortable and flexible fit, allowing for ease of movement and extended wear without discomfort.
18" Gauntlet Extended Protection: With an 18" gauntlet, these gloves offer extended coverage, protecting not only your hands but also your forearms from potential hazards.