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Knit Wrist Smooth Finish Black PVC Chemical Resistant Gloves

Black PVC Chemical Resistant Glove

Poduct Code: 7001

Looking for reliable protection from chemicals? Look no further than our Product Code 7001 black PVC chemical resistant gloves. Featuring a smooth finish and knit wrist, these gloves provide a comfortable and secure fit. The single-dipped design and interlock lining offer excellent chemical resistance and durability. Keep your hands protected during a variety of tasks with these top-quality gloves.



Coating Single Dipped
Lining Interlock Lined
Wrist Style Knit Wrist

When it comes to reliable protection from chemicals, the Product Code 7001 Black PVC Chemical Resistant Gloves are the solution you need. These gloves feature a single-dipped design that offers a strong barrier against various chemicals, ensuring your hands stay safe during tasks involving potentially harmful substances. The interlock lining enhances their durability and chemical resistance, making them a dependable choice for demanding environments. The gloves' smooth finish and knit wrist provide a comfortable fit and help keep them securely in place while you work. Whether you're handling chemicals or working in an industrial setting, the 7001 Chemical Resistant Gloves are designed to provide top-quality protection for your hands.