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100/Pack - Blue CPE Shoe Cover with Anti-Skid Bottom

Anti-Skid CPE Shoe Cover - Blue

Discover the Ultimate Waterproof Shoe Covers - Stay Protected & Clean! Our CPE plastic shoe covers are 100% waterproof, forming an impenetrable barrier against moisture, germs, dirt, and dust. With extra-thick and durable material, these shoe covers provide a secure fit with double-banded elastics and slip-resistant embossed patterns. Hassle-free application and removal over recommended shoe sizes, suitable for both men's and women's US sizes. Perfect for model homes, home repair, carpet cleaning, HVAC repairs, and food processing. Experience top-notch protection and precision with our fully-automated machine-produced shoe covers. Shop now. Designed for model homes, home repair and services, carpet cleaning, HVAC repairs, and food processing and manufacturing facilities, these shoe covers offer excellent protection and are made with premium materials using fully-automated machines, ensuring precision and consistency in every piece. 



Waterproof Made of 100% waterproof CPE plastic material, creating an impenetrable barrier against moisture, germs, dirt, and dust.
Durable Constructed with extra thick CPE material to ensure exceptional durability, ideal for extended use.
Double-Banded Elastics Equipped with double-banded elastics for a secure and snug fit, suitable for both boots and shoes.
Slip Resistant Embossed material provides reliable traction on various ground types, enhancing slip resistance.
Easy On/Off Hassle-free application and removal when used over recommended shoe sizes.