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Boonie Hats

Boonie Hats

Product Code: 3650

Introducing the Kolumb Wide Brim Boonie Hat - a premium blend of Cotton & Polyester designed to elevate your outdoor experience to a whole new level. Crafted with ultimate quality, this hat offers superior UV shielding, making it the perfect companion for fishing, hiking, or beach outings. Its durable stitching and fresh design set it apart from the rest, creating a classic military boonie hat that stands the test of time.



Material Premium Blend of Cotton & Polyester
Closure Button
UV Shielding Superior UV shielding
Purpose Fishing, Hiking, Beach Outings
Design Classic Military Boonie Hat
Comfort Unmatched Comfort for All-Day Wear
Style Chic Camo Boonie Hat
Color Options Wide array of appealing colors
Color Durability Colors WON'T FADE after wash cycles
Fit and Transformability Versatile fit and highly transformable
Adjustable Features Adjustable Chinstrap, Breathable Side Eyelits, Pop-in Button
Usage Scenarios Fishing, Beach, Military, Travels, Holidays, Daily Outings