Corded 3-layer Red Silicone Ear Plug

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Red Silicone Ear Plug (3-layer and corded)


Product Code: C220R

C220R ear plugs provide excellent in-ear protection with a high NRR 26 rating. The soft and pliable triple-flange design ensures a comfortable fit for all. These ear plugs are waterproof, and come with a convenient cord to avoid loss and for easy storage. Complying to ANSI S3.19, these ear plugs come in a box of 100 individually packaged pairs, making them an ideal choice for workplaces with high noise levels.

    Product Name

    C220R Ear Plugs

    Design Soft, Smooth, and Pliable Triple-Flange Design with Excellent In-Ear Protection
    Noise Reduction Rating NRR 26 (High Attenuation when properly inserted)
    Cord Waterproof Cord for Convenience and Loss Prevention
    Compliance Complies with ANSI S3.19 standards
    Packaging 100 Pairs Individually Packaged per Box
    Size One Size Fits All

This table provides a quick overview of the key features and specifications of the C220R Ear Plugs. It includes details about the design, noise reduction rating (NRR 26), the waterproof cord, compliance with ANSI S3.19 standards, the packaging (100 pairs individually packaged per box), and the size (One Size Fits All).