Cotton Impact Glove

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Cotton Impact Glove


Part No: TPR18G

Buy TPR18G Large-sized work gloves for impact protection and superior comfort. These gloves are designed with durable TPR on the back of the hand to ensure long-lasting use, and feature a wing thumb design for increased flexibility. Ideal for heavy-duty tasks, these gloves are built to withstand multiple launderings. Order now to experience the perfect blend of comfort and protection on the job.

    Product Name TPR18G Large-sized Work Gloves
    Features Impact Protection with TPR on Back of Hand
    Superior Comfort
    Durable for Multiple Launderings
    Wing Thumb

 This table provides a quick overview of the key features and specifications of the TPR18G Large-sized Work Gloves. It includes details about the impact protection with TPR on the back of the hand, superior comfort, durability for multiple launderings, and the wing thumb design. It also mentions the size of the gloves, which is Large. These gloves are ideal for heavy-duty tasks, offering a perfect blend of comfort and protection on the job.