Cotton Lined Rubber Hip Work Boots

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Cotton Lined Rubber Hip Boots


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Rubber slush boots are designed for heavy-duty use, offering resilience against ozone and providing robust protection in various challenging environments. These boots are equipped with tough, ribbed soles, ensuring excellent traction and safeguarding against acids, alcohols, and a range of water-based chemicals. The snag-, cut-, and abrasion-resistant properties make these boots durable and reliable for demanding tasks. With a substantial 32-inch length, these cotton-lined hip boots provide comprehensive leg protection. The inclusion of belt loops and thigh adjustment straps ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Available in sizes 8-13, these boots meet all federal regulations for food contact applications, offering a high standard of safety.



Material Cotton Lined Rubber
Sole Black Ribbed Soles
Color Black Uppers
Length 32-Inch
Additional Features Attached Belt Loops & Thigh Adjustment Straps
Sizes 8-13
Certification/Rating Component materials meet federal regulations

These rubber slush boots are a reliable choice for those seeking durable, protective footwear in challenging work environments.