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Cotton Lined Rubber Hip Boots with Steel Toe

Cotton Lined Rubber Hip Boots with Steel Toe

Product Code: BHS

These rubber slush boots are engineered for heavy-duty use, combining durability with ozone resistance. The tough, ribbed soles provide superior traction, and the boots offer protection against acids, alcohols, and various water-based chemicals. With snag-, cut-, and abrasion-resistant features, these boots ensure reliable performance in challenging environments. The impressive 36-inch length and cotton lining make these hip boots ideal for comprehensive leg protection. They are equipped with a steel toe and shank, enhancing safety in demanding work conditions. The addition of belt loops and thigh adjustment straps ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Available in sizes 6-14, these boots meet federal regulations for food contact applications, providing a high level of safety assurance.



Material Cotton Lined Rubber
Sole Black Ribbed Soles
Color Black Uppers
Length 36-Inch
Toe and Shank Steel Toe & Steel Shank
Additional Features Attached Belt Loops & Thigh Adjustment Straps
Sizes 6-14
Certification/Rating Component materials meet federal regulations

These 36-inch rubber slush boots with steel toe and shank are a reliable choice for individuals seeking robust, protective footwear in challenging work environments.