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FreezeBeater, Foam Lined, PVC Glove

FreezeBeater Insulated Work Gloves

Product Code: 5700F

This Cordova Safety Products-brand FreezeBeater® glove offers foam-insulated protection for cold applications. It is double-dipped for extra strength and durability and features a textured finish to increase gripping power. PVC provides protection against caustics, acids, bases, detergents and solvents. It offers excellent resistance to most acids, oils, animal fats, caustics, petroleum hydrocarbons, and alcohols. See our entire supported glove selection. View our entire selection of supported gloves.



Material Orange, Single-Dipped PVC
Insulation Foam Insulated Lining
Finish Textured Finish
Wrist Style Knit Wrist
Protection - Protection against caustics, acids, bases, detergents, and solvents.

Note:  It is made of single-dipped PVC material in an orange color. The glove has a foam insulated lining to protect against cold applications. The textured finish enhances gripping power, and the knit wrist provides a secure fit. This specific glove is available in size Large (L) and offers excellent protection against various substances like caustics, acids, bases, detergents, solvents, and more. It also shows excellent resistance to acids, oils, animal fats, caustics, petroleum hydrocarbons, and alcohols.