Green Hot Mill Glove, Burlap Lined, 30 oz

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Burlap Lined Hot Mill Glove (Green)


Product Code: 8730GB

The 3-Ply Cotton Hot Mill Glove is designed to provide intermittent heat contact protection up to 300°F, making it ideal for various high-temperature industrial applications. Made from 30-ounce quilted cotton material, it offers comfort and durability for long-lasting use.

The glove is burlap-lined, adding an extra layer of insulation and protection. It also features a knuckle strap to enhance grip and handling. The band top cuff ensures a secure fit and added protection to the wrist area.



Material 30-Ounce, Quilted Cotton
Lining Burlap
Cuff Style Band Top
Knuckle Strap Yes
Heat Contact Protection Up to 300°F
Food Contact Safety Yes
Color Green

In addition to its heat resistance, this hot mill glove is safe for food contact applications, making it suitable for food processing and handling tasks where both heat protection and hygiene are essential. The green color and size L (Large) make it easily identifiable and suitable for a wide range of users. Trust in the quality and performance of this 3-Ply Cotton Hot Mill Glove for your industrial and food-related needs.