Hi-Vis Lime Polyester Mesh Neck Shade

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Cordova Hi-Vis Lime Polyester Mesh Neck Shade


Product Code: VNS101

Stay cool and protected under the scorching sun with our Hi-Vis Lime Polyester Mesh Neck Shade. This essential accessory not only offers heat protection but also ensures low-light visibility with its contrasting trim detail. The lime elastic headband provides a comfortable fit, while the self-extinguishing/limited FR treatment adds an extra layer of fire resistance. Versatile and easy to use, this neck shade fits seamlessly on both cap-style and full-brim hard hats, making it the perfect solution for all your outdoor activities. One size fits all, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this practical and safety-conscious accessory.



Heat Protection Hi-Vis Lime Polyester Mesh Neck Shade
Fit Lime Elastic Head Band
Low-Light Visibility Contrasting Trim Detail
Fire Resistance Self-Extinguishing/Limited FR Treated
Interchangeability Fits Cap-Style and Full-Brim Hard Hats
Size One Size Fits All

This chart provides a quick and comprehensive overview of the key features of the Hi-Vis Lime Polyester Mesh Neck Shade, making it easy for customers to understand its benefits and suitability for their needs.