Nugear Red 15G Latex Foam Coated Grip Work Gloves

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Red Latex Coated Work Gloves (15G)

Product Code: LX252-

Looking for a pair of gloves that offer excellent grip and comfort? Check out our LX252 gloves! Made with a seamless blue polyester shell and black foam latex coated palm and fingers, these gloves provide an exceptional grip that is perfect for a wide range of applications. The foam latex coating also provides excellent resistance to abrasion and tears. The nylon/spandex fiber knit shell ensures a comfortable fit, while the EN388: 2121X rating ensures that these gloves offer a high level of protection against mechanical hazards. With a 15 gauge construction, these gloves are perfect for precision work. Order now and experience the comfort and protection of our LX252 gloves!



Product Name LX252 Gloves
Coating Material Black foam latex on palm and fingers
Shell Material Seamless blue polyester fiber knit shell
Coating Color Black
Shell Color Blue
EN388 Rating 2121X
Gauge 15 gauge