Over-Shoe Style Hazmat-Nuke Boots

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Textured/Ribbed sole and Over-Shoe Style Hazmat-Nuke Boots

Product Code: LBC10


Introducing Hazmat-Nuke Boots, a specialized footwear solution designed for hazardous materials and nuclear environments. These over-shoe style boots offer reliable protection with a 12-inch height, ensuring comprehensive coverage. The unlined design enhances flexibility and comfort, allowing ease of movement in challenging conditions. The textured/ribbed sole provides excellent traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls in diverse work environments.

Constructed with precision, these boots feature a 0.75 mm upper and a robust 1.13 mm sole made from natural rubber latex. This material composition ensures durability and resistance to a variety of hazards, making the Hazmat-Nuke Boots a dependable choice for personnel working in sensitive and high-risk areas.

The vibrant yellow color enhances visibility, promoting safety in low-light conditions and areas with potential hazards. These boots are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of hazmat and nuclear work environments, providing a crucial layer of protection for personnel.

Here's a simple table based on the information provided:

Feature Specification
Boot Type Hazmat-Nuke Boots
Style Unlined, Over-Shoe Style
Sole Textured/Ribbed Sole
Height 12 inches
Upper Thickness 0.75 mm
Sole Thickness 1.13 mm
Material Natural Rubber Latex
Color Yellow

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