Premium Nitrile Palm Coated with Jersey Lining and Rough Finish (Pair)

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Nitrile Palm Coated with Jersey Lining/Safety Cuff and Rough Finish

Product Code: 6960R

The inclusion of a jersey lining adds an extra layer of comfort, making these gloves suitable for extended wear. With a safety cuff, these gloves go the extra mile in wrist protection, providing comprehensive coverage during demanding tasks. What sets the Brawler™ gloves apart is the Sanitized® treatment, a trademark of Sanitized AG®, which prevents bacterial and fungal growth, extending the life of the gloves and maintaining freshness even during perspiration.

Elevate your safety standards with the Brawler™ Premium Supported Nitrile Gloves, where durability meets comfort, and protection is paramount.



Glove Type Brawler™ Premium Supported Nitrile
Coating Material Premium Supported Nitrile
Finish Rough
Lining Jersey
Cuff Style Safety Cuff
Additional Treatment Sanitized® (registered trademark)