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Introducing the RADIX Non-Vented Safety Helmet, designed for maximum comfort and protection in a variety of industries. Equipped with a four-point LUX Suspension system, this helmet ensures a secure fit on your head. The magnetic quick-lock, adjustable chinstrap makes it suitable for both working at height and ground-level tasks. The unventilated outer shell offers protection against electrical hazards, molten metal splashes, and flames. With the ability to integrate ARCLIGHT headlamp, LIFT hearing protection, and multiple accessories, the RADIX is a versatile and modular safety helmet for diverse applications.

Key Features:

  • Certified to ANSI Z89.1, TYPE 2, CLASS E standards for side, front, and rear impact protection
  • Brim grip design for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Oversized ratcheting fitment dial for easy adjustment with gloves on or off
  • Six integrated accessory clips compatible with a wide range of LIFT Accessories
  • Microfiber antimicrobial internal liner for moisture-wicking and comfort, easy to replace and wash
  • Secure four-point connection with easy-release magnetic lock
  • One size fits most, standard head size 6 ½ - 8 (52-64 cm head circumference)
  • Safety helmet weight: 502g (average) with suspension

Suitable for applications such as working-at-heights, linework, confined space, heavy industrial, rescue, electrical, arborist, and general construction.

Lifespan: The RADIX Safety Helmet has an average lifespan of 3-5 years, which may vary depending on work site conditions and usage. Hard hats exposed to more wear and tear or direct sunlight may require more frequent replacement. Daily inspections can help determine when to replace a hard hat shell, suspension, or the entire unit. Suggested replacement is based on service life (from the date the hard hat was placed into service, not the manufacture date). As a general guideline, we recommend replacing hard hats every 3-5 years, regardless of their external appearance.