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Red REECE Nylon Safety Padlock KTD

Red REECE Nylon Safety Padlock KTD

Product Code: TT38RED

Enhance workplace safety with Reece's Red Nylon Safety Padlock, designed to control hazardous energy. Simplify safety procedures with engraved lock numbers on both padlocks and keys for easy tracking. The high-security key cylinder offers over 120,000 combinations, ensuring unmatched worker protection. The lightweight yet durable nylon body, featuring a 1 1/2" x 1 3/4" size and a 1 1/2" steel shackle, prioritizes safety. Additionally, the key retaining design prevents accidental key removal, and you can choose from nine vibrant colors for clear identification.



Key Cylinder Intricate key cylinder with over 120,000 combinations and advanced keying systems for added complexity
Material Manufactured from durable Nylon
Key Retention Mechanism Secure key retention mechanism prevents key removal when the lock is in the unlocked position
Colors Available Available in 9 vibrant colors for easy organization and recognition in lockout procedures
Engraving Flat sides allow for clear engraving of names, providing a customizable option for easy identification
Key Number Stamping Bodies and key heads are stamped with a unique key number, facilitating efficient key management and tracking
Key Design Intentionally designed key works on both sides, resisting easy replication and ensuring a high level of control over key distribution and access
Design Balanced design with a width of 1 1/2" and bodies of 1 3/4", maintaining a compact yet robust profile suitable for various applications