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REECE 'No Tool' Circuit Breaker Lockout

REECE 'No Tool' Circuit Breaker Lockout

Product Code: CB16

Reece's CB16 is a 'No Tool' Circuit Breaker lockout that fits a variety of single, double and triple handle circuit breakers. The 'No Tool' Circuit Breaker lockouts are easily attached with no modifications to the panel or circuit breaker. To install, simply put the circuit breaker switch handle in the 'off' position, place the device over the switch, tighten the screw by hand, rotate the toggle and a apply a padlock for a secure and effective Lockout. 

  • Designed to fit a range of single, double, and triple handle circuit breaker 
  • This lockout requires no tools for attachment and can be easily installed without any modifications to the panel or circuit breaker 
  • Straightforward installation process 
  • Convenient and efficient solution for locking out circuit breakers during maintenance or repair work