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REECE Small Mechanical Lockout Kit for HVAC

REECE Small Mechanical Lockout Kit for HVAC

Product Code: HVAC-KIT-01

Reece's HVAC-KIT-01 is a comprehensive kit tailored for HVAC lockout needs. Packed with essential components, including plastic padlocks, hasps, tags, and a versatile assortment of devices specifically designed for HVAC systems, this portable kit offers everything necessary for effective lockout procedures. All items are thoughtfully organized within a convenient carrying case, ensuring easy storage and accessibility when needed in HVAC maintenance or repair tasks. 

  • (3) TT38RED Nylon Saferty Padlock 
  • (1) MLH5 1" Jaw Safety Hasp 
  • (1) MLH6 1 1/2" Jaw Safety Hasp 
  • (1) UCL1 Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout Device 
  • (1) UCL2 Moulded Circuit Breaker Lockout Device 
  • (1) UCL5 Lareg Toggle Breaker Lockout
  • (1) MG29370 Merlin Gerin Toggle Attachment Lockout 
  • (1) RS806 6' Adjustable Cable Lockout 
  • (1) pack of 10 RLTT50 Danger Do Not Operate Tough Tags 
  • (1) LOCKBAG01 Medium Lockout Pouch