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REECE Universal Fuse Lockout

REECE Universal Fuse Lockout

Product Code: UFL2

Reece's UFL 2 Universal Lockout Device for Fuse Holders will lockout most types of Fuse Holders, and is a one-size-fits-all approach to Fuse Lockout. This device will lock out fuse holders between 20 Amp and 400 Amp, with a max clamping of 1/4". This device is made from sturdy Nylon plastic for increased durability, and is easily operated by using a screwdriver. 

  • Versatile lockout device designed to secure most types of Fuse Holders 
  • This device offers a convenient one-size-fits-all solution for Fuse Lockout, ensuring compatibility with various types of holders 
  • Capable of locking out fuse holders between 20 Amp and 400 Amp, providing flexibility in application 
  • The device features a maximum clamping capacity of 1/4", securely accommodating different sizes of fuse holders 
  • Made from sturdy Nylon plastic, the lockout device ensures increased durability, suitable for challenging environments 
  • The device is easily operated using a screwdriver, adding to the convenience of lockout procedures