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14" Sandy Finish Green PVC Chemical Resistant Gloves

14" Green PVC Gloves With Sandy Finish

Product Code: 7214

Sandy Finish Green PVC Chemical Resistant Gloves, Double Dipped, Jersey Lined, 14" Gauntlet - Product Code 7214. Protect your hands from chemical hazards with these premium quality gloves. Made with a sandy finish for better grip and double dipped for extra durability. The jersey lining provides added comfort during extended wear, while the 14" gauntlet ensures maximum protection. Suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. 



    Material PVC
    Finish Sandy Finish
    Coating Double Dipped
    Lining Jersey Lined
    Gauntlet Length 14"
    Applications Suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications

Benefits of Sandy Finish Green PVC Gloves Include: 

  • Strong Grip: The sandy finish on these gloves improves grip, allowing for better control and handling of objects, even in wet or slippery conditions.
  • Extra Strength: The double-dipped construction of these gloves enhances their resistance to chemicals, providing an extra layer of protection and durability.
  • Comfortability:  The jersey lining inside the gloves adds comfort and prevents irritation during prolonged wear, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable experience.