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12" Smooth Finish Black PVC Chemical Resistant Gloves

12" Black PVC Gloves With Smooth Finish

Product Code: 7012

Introducing our Smooth Finish Black PVC Chemical Resistant Gloves, Product Code 7012. Designed with your safety in mind, these gloves are single dipped and interlock lined for maximum protection. With a 12" gauntlet, our gloves provide reliable coverage for your hands and wrists. Trust us to keep you safe in hazardous environments.



    Material Smooth Finish Black PVC
    Product Code 7012
    Dipping Style Single dipped
    Lining Interlock lined
    Gauntlet Length 12"

Smooth Finish Black Chemical Resistant Gloves Benefits Includes:

  • Comfortability: The interlock lining adds an extra layer of comfort and insulation, making the gloves more comfortable to wear for extended periods and providing insulation against temperature changes.
  • Reliable coverage: The 12" gauntlet provides reliable coverage for your hands and wrists, minimizing the risk of exposure to hazardous substances.