Standard Cotton Hot Mill, 24 oz - 12 Pairs

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Standard Cotton Hot Mill, 24 oz (Dozen)

Product Code: 2500

These gloves, made from standard 24-ounce cotton, provide intermittent heat contact protection up to 250-300°F, making them suitable for various applications. The quilted palm, thumb, and forefinger, along with the knuckle strap, ensure added comfort and protection. Equipped with a band top cuff for a secure fit, these gloves are also safe for food contact, adding versatility to their use.



Material Standard Cotton
Fabric Weight 24-Ounce
Palm Construction Quilted Palm, Thumb & Forefinger
Knuckle Protection Knuckle Strap
Cuff Design Band Top Cuff
Heat Protection Intermittent up to 250-300°F
Food Contact Safety Yes
Size Large


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