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100/Pack - White CPE Shoe Cover with Anti-Skid Bottom

Anti-Skid CPE Shoe Cover

Product Code: SC-25-XL-WH-100

Discover our high-quality waterproof CPE plastic shoe covers, expertly designed for unparalleled protection and durability. Crafted with 100% waterproof material, these covers form a dependable shield against moisture, germs, dirt, and dust, ensuring a pristine and safe environment. The robust CPE material guarantees lasting use, while the double-banded elastics deliver a secure and snug fit over both boots and shoes. Embossed with slip-resistant patterns, these shoe covers provide exceptional traction on various ground surfaces. With hassle-free on and off application, they are perfect for wearing over recommended shoe sizes, accommodating men's size 14 US and all women's US sizes. Stay confident and safeguarded in any setting with our top-notch waterproof shoe covers.



Waterproof Crafted from CPE plastic material that is completely waterproof, creating a highly effective barrier against moisture, germs, dirt, and dust.
Durability Constructed using high-quality, thick CPE material for unparalleled durability, ensuring prolonged and reliable performance.
Double-Banded Elastics Fitted with dual elastic bands, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit when utilized as boot or shoe covers.
Slip Resistant The material is textured with embossing, offering exceptional traction on various types of surfaces.
Easy-On-Off Putting on or taking off is effortless when wearing over the recommended shoe sizes, accommodating both men's 14 US size and all women's US sizes without any inconvenience.