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Yellow Steel Toe PVC Work Boots

Yellow Steel Toe PVC Boots

Product Code: PB33

Cordova Safety Products introduces Polyester/Cotton Lined PVC Boots, a durable footwear solution designed to resist solvents, animal fats, light acids, alcohols, and oil-based chemicals. These black PVC boots feature cut-off bands for convenient height adjustment, punch-out holes for easy hanging, and kick-off spurs for quick removal, ensuring practicality in various work environments. The Cordova Safety Products-brand PVC boots provide additional protection with a steel toe and midsole. The polyester/cotton lining enhances comfort during extended wear, making them suitable for long hours on the job. Equipped with EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) insoles, these boots offer excellent shock absorption, contributing to wearer comfort. The banana yellow PVC uppers add visibility and style to the boots. With a 16-inch length and over-sock style, these boots provide comprehensive coverage. Available in sizes 6-13, they meet stringent safety standards, including ASTM 2413-05 and CSA, ensuring reliable performance. Additionally, the component materials comply with all federal regulations for food contact applications, making them a versatile choice for various industrial settings.

Here's a simple table based on the information provided:

Feature Specification
Boot Type Polyester/Cotton Lined PVC Boots
Sole Color Black PVC Soles
Insoles EVA Insoles
Upper Color Banana Yellow PVC Uppers
Length 16-Inch
Style Over-Sock Style
Toe Steel Toe
Sizes 6-13
Certification/Rating Meets ASTM 2413-05 and CSA Standards
Component materials meet federal food contact regulations