MicroMax® NS Coverall – Elastic Wrist/Ankle (25 Pieces)

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Elastic Wrist/Ankle Coverall


Product Code: CTL417



Product Name MicroMax® NS Coverall
Material High-quality microporous PE film laminate
Color White
Protection Level Partial Body Type 6[PB]
Splash and Particle Resistance Effective
Softness and Flexibility Yes
Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate High
Collar Yes
Elastic Cuffs and Ankles Yes
Adhesive Tape to Zip Cover Yes

The MicroMax® NS coverall is made using a high-quality microporous PE film laminate that provides effective splash and particle resistance. It also offers softness, flexibility, and a high moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) for additional comfort during use.

This coverall achieves the highest classes in all four tests required by the EN 14126 standard, making it suitable for viral and bacterial protection, including protection against contaminated blood and body fluids.

It features a collar and elastic cuffs and ankles to ensure a secure fit and prevent entry of contaminants. The coverall also includes adhesive tape to cover the zipper for added protection.

With its Partial Body Type 6[PB] protection level, the MicroMax® NS coverall provides a reliable solution for various applications where protection against hazardous materials, splashes, and infectious agents is necessary.