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Class 3 - Hi Vis Green Vest With Sleeves (Multi-Pockets)

Green Hi Vis Vest With Sleeves (Class 3)

Product Code: SV713FG

Stay visible and safe in low-light conditions with our fluorescent lime green safety vest, featuring 2-inch wide silver reflective stripes on the front, back, and sleeves.



Product Name Fluorescent Lime Green Safety Vest
Material 100% Polyester Mesh Fabric
Reflective Stripes 2" Wide Silver Reflective Stripes
Closure Non-Conductive / Non-Caustic Zipper Front Closure
Reflective Coverage 2 Vertical Stripes on Front and Back
1 Horizontal Stripe on Front and Back
2 Stripes on Sleeves' Edges
Pockets Upper Left 4-Division Pencil Pocket
One Outside Chest Pocket
Two Inside Front Pockets
Sizes Available S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL
Color Fluorescent Lime Green
Safety Certification Reflective Stripes Meet Safety Standards
Recommended Use Ideal for Enhanced Visibility in Low-Light Conditions
Application Suitable for Safety, Construction, and Outdoor Work
Comfort and Durability Made from Durable and Comfortable Polyester Mesh