Hi Vis Trooper Hat - Faux Fur

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Hi Vis Trooper Hat with Faux Fur


Product Code: 3571 (GN or OR)

Hi-Vis Trooper Hat with Faux Fur is a high-visibility and functional hat, suitable for several reasons:



Weather Protection offers warmth in harsh weather with faux fur lining and side flaps for ear and neck coverages
Visibility High-visibility green color for low-light environments, ensuring safety.
Style and Convenience Combines warmth with a fashionable design, providing both style and comfort.
Practicality Provides warmth and visibility, essential in outdoor working conditions.
Secure Fit Chin strap ensures a secure fit, even during windy conditions or intense activities.

The Hi-Vis Trooper Hat with Faux Fur is a reliable and practical choice, combining warmth, visibility, and comfort for various outdoor activities and work settings.