Standard Unsupported Latex Canners Glove - 12 Pairs

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Standard Unsupported Latex Canners Glove - 12 Pairs

Product Code: 4226B

These gloves are crafted with precision, utilizing a 15-mil thickness of standard, unsupported latex material, ensuring durability and flexibility in a variety of work environments.

Designed without additional supporting fabrics or liners, these latex canners offer a direct, tactile connection to the task at hand. The unlined construction provides a comfortable fit, allowing for extended wear without compromising on dexterity.

The distinctive blue color of these latex canners not only adds a visual element but also contributes to easy identification in a busy work setting. The embossed grip pattern enhances control and ensures a secure hold, making these gloves suitable for tasks that demand precision and accuracy.

With a length of 12 inches, these gloves provide ample coverage, offering protection for the hands and wrists. The versatile 15-mil thickness strikes a balance between flexibility and resilience, making these canners suitable for a range of applications.

Choose Cordova Safety Products for unmatched quality and performance in hand protection. The Standard Unsupported Latex Canners exemplify our commitment to providing reliable safety solutions for diverse workplace needs.



Glove Type Standard Unsupported Latex Canners
Material Latex
Color Blue
Lining Unlined
Thickness 15-mil
Grip Embossed
Length 12 inches
Application General Purpose
Suitable for Various Industries