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Supported Nitrile Glove with Smooth Finish and Lined Jersey - 12 Pairs

Supported Nitrile Glove with Smooth Finish and Lined Jersey - 12 Pairs

Product Code: 6800

Introducing our Standard Supported Nitrile Gloves, an essential choice for professionals seeking reliable hand protection in diverse work settings. Crafted with precision, these gloves showcase a supported design, combining the durability of nitrile with the added support of fabric linings.

A key feature of these gloves is the smooth nitrile finish, providing a comfortable yet secure grip. Whether handling tools, equipment, or materials, these gloves ensure a smooth and efficient workflow. The jersey lining enhances overall comfort, making these gloves suitable for extended wear.

For added convenience and security, these gloves are designed with a knit wrist. This feature ensures a snug fit, preventing debris from entering and enhancing workplace safety. The 3/4 palm coating further enhances dexterity and control during intricate tasks.

Explore our entire selection of supported gloves for a comprehensive range of options that prioritize both protection and comfort in your work environment.



Glove Type Standard Supported Nitrile
Coating Style 3/4 Palm Coated
Coating Material Nitrile
Finish Smooth
Lining Jersey
Wrist Style Knit Wrist